Overview of a U.S. Paystub and the Concept of Wage Types;

Lifecycle of a Wage Type and U.S. Wage Type Catalog
Wage Type Categories
Three Elements of a Wage Type
Wage Type Catalog
Wage Type Tables
Step-by-Step Configuration of a Wage Type
Testing Wage Types
Advanced Topics on Wage Types
Setting up Payment Models
Posting of Wage Types

2. Tax:

Specify Location of Tax Factory executable
Tax Companies
Define Tax Companies
Assign Tax Company to Personnel Area
Define BSI Tax Companies
Define Tax Identification Number by BSI Tax Company
Tax models:
A. tax authorities areas types classes models
Year-end adjustments and workbench
Starting the year end workbench


a.ADJT: no tax calculations
b.TWEG: with tax calculations
c.YANA: no tax calculations
d.YAWA: with tax calculations
Overview of the tax reporter
Off-cycle payroll concepts
Unemployment insurance

3. Garnishments:

Master Data
Service Charges
Check Wage Type Group 'Order Type'
Create Order Types
Define Adjustment Model Texts for the disposable net
Create Adjustment Models for the Disposable Net
Garnishable Amounts
Create Rules for the Non-Exempt Amount
Create Exempt Amount from Levy
Check Wage type group Adjustments
Check Permissibility for Adjustment Wage Types
Define Defaults
Garnishability of Wages
Check Priority/Third-Party Remittance for Order Types

4. Schemas and Rules

Examining the U.S. Payroll Driver (RPCALCU0)
Working with U.S. Schema U000
U.S. Subschemas
Why, When, and How to Change the U.S. Schema
Copy and Modify Schema U000 using the Schema
Running an Error-Free Schema
Employer Benefits and Tax Allocation Rules
Writing Rules in US Payroll
The Rules Editor
Creating Simple Rules
Creating Complex Rules
Running Error-Free Rules

5. Benefits Integration:

Set Current Benefit Area
Enter the Wage Types for Plans
Constants for Benefits Processing
Maintain Constants for Insurance Plans
Maintain Constants for Savings Plans

6. Absence valuation:

Evaluate absence using as if principle
Short/long -term disability (Std/Ltd)plans
Set up Std/Ltd plans
Prepare Payroll for Processing Pay Related to STD/LTD Plans
Check Absence Breakdown for STD/LTD Plans
Family Medical Leave Act
FMLA Guide Lines
Define FMLA Rules - Assignment of Reasons
Validity of FMLA Rules for Employees
FMLA Deductions and FMLA Absences
FMLA Workbench
Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)
Reduction formulas