SAP HR Data Transfer Tool (DTT)

The Data Transfer Tool (DTT) is a really useful tool for creating data quite simply in SAP.

The unfortunate thing is that the tool is not part of the standard SAP HR system. It is only available with the Best Practice and certain other pre-configured solutions sold by SAP.

You can access the DTT by transaction code /BPHR/ZDTT. You can use this one if you put it in your favourites. If you enter it directly in the transaction code on the main screen of SAP, you will need to place /n in front. SAP won't recognise the transaction code without the /n.

Make sure that you have the parameter MOL set to your relevant country setti user parameters.

The easiest way of loading the data is to make use of the "Individual infotype loads"

Select your infotype and make sure you choose the option "use previous personnel numbers" if they are existing employees that you are updating.

Choose the session name as HR_A. This will make it easier to identify if there are multiple loads being created and processed by various users for other data sets.

Make sure that you name your text file as the infotype number. If you are loading additional payments information then the file should be called 0015.txt

The reason for this is that the program is expecting the file to be called this. You select the folder or path and the program will then select the pertinent file depending on the infotype that you have selected.

Run a sample file first in foreground if you are unsure and then run the remaining entries in background. You can control the execution of this by going to the batch input screen or by clicking on the "overview" icon available on the main program screen.