Inserting a Logo onto the Front Screen of SAP

To insert a logo or image onto the front screen of SAP you need to do the following.

Go to transaction code SMW0. Choose the option "Binary data for WebRFC applications". Enter your required package or development class that you wish to use then execute. You will then be taken to the screen which is output below.

Click on the create icon. You will be asked for an object name and description. The object name should use the customer naming conventions i.e. z...

You will be prompted to attach the relevant image which will be on a local or network drive. You will be asked to place the configuration into a Workbench transport.

You might get a message type referring to MIME object types not having been maintained. If you do you need to go and create one for your file type using the menu path from that screen Settings Maintain MIME types.

You now need to go to table maintenance and edit the table SSM_CUST. The table is output in the screen below. The key entry is the one "START_IMAGE" - which needs to hold the object name which you created in the previous step. As in the current example I have used the object name ZEJH1. There are various other settings which can also be set.