SAP Payroll Enhanced Standard Pay Increase

Following a payscale review, if the payscales have been modified then it will be necessary to update the employees' Basic Pay records with the new amounts. SAP provides a standard report to do this (PRITRF00), aimed at the end user or administrator, which negates the need for data input via LSMW or manual updating of each infotype record.


payscales have been updated either by direct maintenance of T510 or using the SAP standard report RPU51000.

authorisation to maintain the employee records to be updated. Authorisations with SAP may limit access to certain employee groups.

wage type is indirectly valuated for basic pay on IT0008.

a new action / reason may be required for the pay increase event (see below).


Whilst the selection screen initially appears quite daunting, the period and employee selection options offer the usual SAP HR reporting options for filtering the employees to whom the increase is to be applied.

The fields under Additional data relate closely to those used to update the payscales using RPU51000. They can be used to further filter the population to whom the increase is to be applied, and also enable the increase to be applied in batches. This may be useful of the SAP authorisations of the end user running the report prevent their maintaining certain employees, or if a certain group of employees are being maintained and therefore require their pay inceases to be processed at a different time.

The Date of standard pay increase forms the start date of the new IT0008 record which will be created. If this date falls before any changes in payscale amounts, and the new record is therefore the same as the old record, then no new record will be created and this will be indicated on the output screen.

Various options are available for the Subtype for Basic Pay infotype and this should be chosen in accordance with the settings in the customer's system.

The Event for std pay increase field requires an action (first 2 characters) and reason (last 2 characters) to be entered. the SAP standard entry for the UK is 1602. However, this may not work in all systems and it might be necessary to create a new customized action and reason. If this is necessary, the action must include at least IT0000, IT0001 and IT0008.

output and batch input

Once the selections are correct and executed, the output shows the potential changes that will be made, along with any information or error messages.

The batch input session must then be processed and the Basic Pay records will be updated. Existing records will be automatically delimited.