SAP Payroll Payscale Update

For customers using SAP payscales to maintain the Basic Pay information on employee records, there are at least 2 ways to update this information after a payscale review which results in changes to the amounuts. One is the lengthy manipulation of individual or multiple entries directly in the payscale table T510. The other, discussed here, is through the use of the SAP standard Payscale Update program RPU51000.


access to create transports: since this program is run in the development system and when the changes are saved, an SAP customizing transport is created, the person carrying out the changes must have authority within their SAP profile to create customizing transports. This access would normally be required anyway if the payscales were being updated via direct maintenance of table T510.

payscale structure is known as there is no direct prior reference to the payscale structure, other than through the drop down lists on the selection screen (see image below), it is important that the payscale structure is known beforehand to ensure all relevant changes to groups and levels are carried out correctly.

selection screen

The fields on the SAP standard selection screen shown above are fairly intuitive and allow for the updating of single entries or ranges.

N.B. check out the settings for your organisation in T503 to confirm the correct grouping for CAP

In the example above, an increase of 10% is to be made on the 3rd level ADMIN payscale within payscale type and area GR:04. The rounding will then be applied as per the normal roundup or down to 2 decimal places, before the increase is applied. There are options to specify rounding increments, as well as restrict the resulting increase to maximum or minimum limits.


The output confirms the old entry and the 2 new entries -the old one has automatically been delimited based on the date provided for the increase. This display can be filtered using the buttons at the top of the screen to display old payscalesor display new payscales. If the values shown are not correct -due to rounding or other reasons, simply go back to the selection screen and update the fields as required then re-run.

When the output is correct, clicking on the save new payscales will update T510 with the changes.