SAP Payroll Wage Type Statements

The wage type statement and distribution share a number of features. These will be mentioned in the section below. Any additional features specific to the wage type distribution - will be mentioned in the specific section.

Wage Type Statement

Use the Menu Path: HR - Payroll Accounting - Europe - GB - Subsequent Activities - Per Payroll Period - Lists/Statistics - Wage Type Statements

Transaction code: SE38/SA38 with report: RPCLGA09

Alternatively, use the direct transaction code: PC00_M99_CLGA09

Note: There is no configuration for the Wage Type Statement and Distribution reports. However you can save variants for frequently used reports or for templates that can be used for 'frequently requested information'.

Wage Type Statements are used for reporting on a single period, either on RT or CRT.

Hints & Tips

When running a Wage Type Statement against CRT, not all of the values in the 'read cumulative results' options window work - however 'Y' for Annual should always work.

When running a wage type statement, you have to enter a payroll area and period.

Note: When you get to the selection screen, you will notice that the sort sequence has entries specified (highlighted green box below the yellow arrow). Go into the selection to remove the sort sequence. Save a variant for the report.

You will also notice that the a number of selection fields at the bottom part of the screen have been ticked. Take the ticks off to meet your individual requirements.

The evaluation is limited to one country. Personnel numbers assigned to a different country are listed afterwards in the error log.

Selection criteria and parameters

Special Payroll Runs

This refers to off-cycle payrolls that have been processed. The following options are allowed for the first selection field:

A Bonus payment

B Correction accounting

C Manual check

Regular payroll run

The blank entry is defaulted by the program.

The second box (selection field) is an indicator used to distinguish between different off-cycle payroll runs created on the same day. The third selection field allows you to enter a date, on which the off cycle payroll would have been run.

"Wage type to be evaluated" parameter

In this field, enter all wage types for which you want to carry out an evaluation. If you do not specify a wage type, the system selects them all. Please note that it is only possible to select wage types which are listed in the RT or CRT.

"New page per wage type" parameter

If you activate this parameter, a page break is inserted for each new wage type included in an individual report. This parameter is not used if a totals report is run.

"Evaluation type" parameter

You can carry out two types of evaluation:

Individual evaluation

Totals evaluation

With the individual evaluation, the number and amount for each wage type are printed for each person. The totals evaluation only prints the selected wage types and totals for all employees selected. The totals evaluation is therefore a summary of the individual evaluation without the personnel numbers and employee names.

The "Reference period" field allows you to specify a payroll period as a comparison period for the selected reporting period. The comparison results and the absolute and relative differences are then included in the list printout.

Note: This requires a list width of 132 characters - requiring you to choose an appropriate print format.

"Sort sequence" pushbutton

When sorting and evaluating data according to cost centres, the last work centre data (table WPBP) is relevant for the assignment of the wage types for an employee. The evaluation does not take place from the point of view of cost accounting, in other words, the report program does not consider cost distribution, or cost assignment. Only the employees last master cost centre is taken into account.

"Sort names" parameter

When an individual evaluation is performed, the employee names are printed out, sorted in ascending order by personnel number. If you set a flag for this parameter, output is sorted on the employee's last name.

"Totals formation" parameter

This parameter can be used to modify standard output after changing the sort criteria. The following options are possible:

Total after a change of wage type

Total after a change of personnel number

Error messages and troubleshooting

If you find incorrect values in the wage type statement, check the RT and CRT first. Check the amount assigned to the wage type in the RT or CRT, and check if there is a split in work centre data (table WPBP).

The following system messages are intended to help you locate and solve errors:

Message: Parameter "Sort: Field names" not supported

You have tried to use the database parameter 'Sort: Field names'. The wage type statement uses the parameter 'Sort sequence' instead. Please use the latter.

Message: Different period modifiers

You cannot perform evaluations for payroll areas with different period modifiers. Reselect the payroll areas which have the same payroll period modifiers. Look at table T549A to see the relationship between payroll period and period modifier.

Wage Type Distribution

Use the Menu Path: HR - Payroll Accounting - Europe - GB - Subsequent Activities - Per Payroll Period - Lists/Statistics - Wage Type Distribution

Transaction code: SE38/SA38 with report: RPCLGV09

Alternatively, use the direct transaction code: PC00_M99_CLGV09

Wage Type Distributions are used for reporting over a number of periods on the RT only.

Selection criteria and parameters

The wage type distribution uses a date selection period rather than a specific payroll period. This allows you to enter a period which incorporates more than one payroll period. The date is read from table 549S. The value in the field "Date ID" is used to check against table T549S.