SSAP Quick Viewer

This is probably one of the easiest reporting tools to use in SAP.

The benefit of using Quick Viewer is that the user does not have to be attached to a particular user group and infoset.

Quick Viewer is relatively easy to use. It can be accessed by using transaction code SQVI.

Report Developed in Quick Viewer and now required to be attached to a transaction code

You might have developed a report in Quick Viewer and now wish it to be brought up after entering a customer created transaction code.

Queries in Quick Viewer are created uniquely for each user. You first have to convert the query to a SAP Query using transaction SQ01. For further information see OSS note 550764. Read the help for SQVI and SQ01 about the converting procedure.

After having converted the report to a SAP Query, you can attach your own transaction code to it. For more information look at OSS note 393160.