SAP HR User Groups and Infosets
  1. You need to create User Groups and Infosets first (before you create any queries) - to which you will have to assign the relevant users.
  2. Remember that Query Areas - whether Standard or Global - have an effect on the view of the reports that are selected with the User Group and Infoset.
  3. When creating an infoset which calls the PCH (org mgt) database, don't populate the field "selection screen version". Choosing either 900 or 901 from the drop-down options, will result in a different screen selection which does not allow the option of entering the evaluation path.
  4. When setting up an infoset which calls the PNP (Personnel Admin) or PCH (Org Mgt) database, remember to include all the required PA and Org Mgt infotypes.
  5. Remember when first creating an infoset, to check the fields that are defaulted by SAP. Delete the fields that are not used on your system and include ones that will be required when creating a query.
  6. Remember to change the "selected functional group" when switching fields "on" in the infoset. The fields are placed into the current "selected functional group" when turned "on".
  7. Change the descriptions of the fields when setting up the infoset. The long text is used when choosing the field and the header is the field name that is output with the report data.
  8. If you wish to add more infotypes to your infoset, use the menu path: Edit > Add Info Category.
  9. In order to convert query objects (for example - after an upgrade), you need to run the program RSAQSUMM followed by RSAQUM40.
  10. To find all the ABAP Query reports in the system, use transaction code SE38. Type in the string "AQ*" (without the quotes) and change the maximum number of hits to include all entries. You will find all the ABAP queries have the notation AQ50/User GroupReport Name====== where 50 is the client number.
  11. You can use the report RSAQR3TR to transport user groups, infosets and queries. Use transaction code SE38 to run the report or look for the truck symbol (transport icon) on the relevant screen.
  12. Useful Transaction Codes
  13. SQ01 - ABAP Query
  14. SQ02 - Functional Areas
  15. SQ03 - User Groups